You Health

Developed a dynamic and user-friendly website for «You Health,» ensuring a seamless fusion of design and web development to enhance user experience.

Woof & Move

Crafted a vibrant website for Woof and Move, marrying design finesse with seamless web functionality.



Welcome to BAD BITCHES Academy! Empowering women through education, strength, and confidence. Join us in redefining the rules. Unleash your potential!

Kama farmstead

Kama farmstead

Discover Kama Farmstead, where WebRevive unites farmers and buyers. Shop fresh, local produce online – your connection to wholesome living!



WebRevive is delighted to showcase our collaboration with EDEM, where we’ve designed a website tailored to their funeral service offerings. Our user-friendly interface and elegant design provide visitors with a seamless experience, ensuring that they can access the services they need during difficult times. Explore our portfolio for more examples of how WebRevive can elevate your digital presence.


NK Granit

WebRevive proudly presents our latest project: a cutting-edge website designed for NK Granit, specializing in granite sales. Our user-centric design makes browsing and purchasing granite products a breeze. Explore our portfolio for more success stories!

Muslim College of Perm Krai

Muslim College of Perm Krai

WebRevive is excited to showcase our project with the Muslim College in Perm Krai. We’ve designed and developed their website, focusing on a user-friendly interface and seamless navigation. Additionally, we’ve developed a custom prayer plugin and widget to cater to the specific needs of the Muslim community. Explore our portfolio to witness how WebRevive can enhance your digital presence with tailored solutions.



WebRevive is proud to present our collaboration with Nerudkom, where we’ve successfully created six dynamic landing pages tailored specifically for the sale of non-metallic materials. Our team’s expertise in web design and development ensures that each landing page is optimized for maximum user engagement and conversion. Dive into our portfolio to witness how WebRevive can elevate your brand in the industry.



WebRevive proudly presents our work with the Muslim community in Perm Krai. We’ve successfully revamped their website, enhancing its functionality and user experience. Additionally, we’ve developed a custom plugin and widget for prayer timings, catering to their specific needs. Explore our portfolio to see how we can elevate your online presence.